Corporate photography can encompass a wide variety of subject matter from creative lifestyle imagery and candid shots of people at work through to more posed business scenarios and portraits. Although I tend to talk and amuse my clients whilst in front of the camera to help them relax and appear more natural in their photos.

I specialise in creating fresh and contemporary imagery that blends style with natural social interaction to help assist my clients with their marketing, both internally and externally.  I prefer documentary style photography to capture life at your offices, taking photographs of staff in everyday work situations, whether they are on the phone, in a meeting or simply chatting to their colleagues.

It only takes a moment to create a first impression, what does your corporate imagery say about your business?

Whether you need formal corporate headshots, more creative and fun headshots or working office reporting/documentary style images for your website, I’ll be more than happy to accommodate your needs/requests.

I’m very friendly and professional and will ensure your team feel relaxed when in front of the camera to ensure the best possible image captured which has a true reflection on their personality

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